Assert Yourself: Learning to be Assertive

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Assert Yourself: Learning to be Assertive training workshop with DVD and CD on becoming more assertive in their communication. This Video Arts training program features Kris Marshall and Pippa Haywood. Trainees will learn skills to help them to speak up and be more confident in their opinions. How to be more assertive and engaged with others.

Key Training Points
  • What assertiveness is            
  • Passive and aggressive behaviors and their advantages and disadvantages
  • Getting your inner dialogue right
  • Honesty and relevance when communicating
  • Assertive responses to different types of behaviors
  • Assertive requests


The techniques of assertive behavior are shown in a series of real life situations:  in an office, within meetings, to even in a hospital looking both at the wrong way and right way scenarios.


The  program includes additional DVD extras that cover the following:


    The role of body language in assertiveness
    Dealing with aggressive people
    Giving and receiving praise
    How to communicate assertively via email
    Passive-aggressive behavior


Training benefits:

  • Assertive behavior allows potentially valuable ideas to be aired.
  • Encourages staff to talk about problems that might otherwise remain hidden .
  • Assertive, confident staff will be more motivated and productive.
  • How to respond assertively to different types of behaviors.


Training Delivery Options:

  • DVD plus CD containing Facilitator's Guide, Self-Study Workbook and PowerPoint Presentation
  • digital streaming of the video
  • interactive e-learning course.  Call us for these options

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