So You Want To Be A Success At Selling

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So You Want To Be A Success At Selling Series - four parts with John Cleese lending his humor and insight to your sales training covering each step effectively:

  1. Preparation (26 minutes) -get to know your client and how your products can be of benefit 
  2. Presentation (25 minutes) -learn how to stay calm even when a customer seems disinterested
  3. Difficult Customers (25)minutes -learn about the different types of customers and how to best communicate with each
  4. Closing The Sale (29minutes)-learn how to conclude a deal efficiently and effectively.

Each module has a running time of approximately 25 minutes on DVD and includes a training guide. .  Each module available separately or purchase as a complete series. 

Training Options:
  • DVD containing the four parts plus facilitator's guide.  
  • Digital Streaming License: Call us for this option


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