5 Values of Great Customer Service

Excellent customer service also involves being sensitive to cultural issues.

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Five Values of Great Customer Service is a video based training program that provides a view of customer service from a values based approach.  Most often , frontline personnel will be assisting people from all different cultural backgrounds.  By showing respect, personalizing the service that they provide and paying attention to cultural issues they will be showing that the company they work for cares about customer's needs.

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Program Objectives

By viewing the video program and working through the support materials, participants will...

  • Better understand how to provide ALL customers with GREAT service
  • Be aware that how customers perceive the service we offer and how we perceive the needs of our customers may depend on their (and our own) personal and cultural perspectives
  • Develop a values-based approach to customer service
  • Become familiar with the G R E A T acronym and know how to apply it to our relations with our customers

Program Contents

The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service (24minutes) opens with a series of 5 dramatizations.  Each of these underscores one of the values we will explore.

Show Respect - Every customer is your most important customer
Personalize - Avoid preconceived notions and stereotypes
Pay Attention - Assess how customers want to be served and adjust
Show You Care - Present a positive, supportive attitude
Advocate - Stay on your customer's side

A diverse group of customers share their personal experiences and feelings to help bring the impact of the 5 Values to life.

The program then explores how we can integrate the 5 Values into our daily work. To do this, we introduce the G R E A T acronym. This stands for ...

Greet all customers & make them feel comfortable
Respect cultural & other personal differences
Evaluate how your customers want to be served
Adjust your approach to match your customer's needs
Thank your customers for their business.


Training Package includes DVD (23 minutes) with Comprehensive Facilitator's Package that includes reproducible handouts.  This program is also available in Spanish

Digital Streaming License is available for streaming within your organization via external server or your intranet.  Easy to set-up, call us for more information and to license.
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