You: Little Big Things with Tom Peters

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Little BIG Things: YOU DVD in the new Tom Peters training program is an essential tool for every employee in your organization. Tom believes that we should all, as individuals, strive for Excellence in each and everything we do. Otherwise… is there any point to getting out of bed in the morning?

What does your calendar say about you? What books have you read lately? What books should you read? Tom Peters uses his decades of experience to deliver eighteen video segments of things you can start doing TODAY to achieve excellence as a person and ultimately excellence within your organization.
3 Minute Apologies 2:38

Tom believes nothing is more powerful (and difficult) than apologies. Tom also thinks that there is almost no situation where the other person is 100% responsible. In just about every case, you bear some (even if very small) responsibility. So, apologize for your 2%. If you fail to do this, it can create a downward spiral. But, if you do it, it can create a virtuous spiral.

Brand YOU 3:07

Based on Tom’s theory of branding, this video applies branding to YOU. The labor market worldwide has become astonishingly competitive. To thrive, you need to “stand for something.” You need to find you "inner entrepreneur." Behave in an entrepreneurial fashion because no one will have a "standard" career ahead of them.

Build Your Own Legacy – Every Day 2:04

Ask yourself "What is your legacy today." Every day does have a legacy. Every day can be a masterpiece. Keep a scorecard for yourself. We build our track record whether we’re President of the United States or someone working in a restaurant one day at a time.

Engage Your Brain Game 2:22

In the book The Talent Code, author Dan Coyle speaks about ways to build talent. He uses an exercise that shows how the human brain works and how you can engage your brain. Tom goes over this exercise and encourages you to try it out in order to engage your brain!

Five Guys From Delaware 2:16

Woody Allen once famously said, "80% of success is showing up." Tom explains how the Delaware delegation for the writing of the constitution had a huge impact because they showed up every day - with all their delegates. Listen to why Tom thinks that’s important – just showing up!


Tom says “Get The Hell Out Of The Office!”! Find out why!

Make Your First Impression in 7 Seconds 2:27

What do you project? How can you amp up your attitude? Are you engaged and energetic? What do other people see in the first seven seconds that they meet you? Tom discovered this concept in Roger Ailes book “You Are the Message” and wants you to think about.

Out Read Everyone 2:04

Tom thinks that reading is one great way to gather information and process it. So, one of the strategies for success is to Out Read Everyone. Read wide, long, and deep. It will give you more analytic depth and a better on handle on many issues.

Promoting People and Your Legacy 2:10

Tom argues that managers should make two important promotion decisions a year. Tom believes that these two decisions can define your legacy both with your team and in your overall career. Are you thinking about these two decisions?

Read These Books 1:58

It's all about relationships. So, think about moving your finance and marketing books aside and reading these 10 books on communication and relationships that Tom believes contain critical concepts for you.

Start Something Dull 3:55

Tom is often asked, “What industry should I get into to succeed?” Tom says that the essence of our economy is often interesting people who do dull things. Start something dull and you’ll realize how interesting it can get!

TDY Finance 2:17

In the Navy, there was a term, TDY – or Temporary Duty. Tom believes that if there is ever an opportunity for “temporary duty” in Finance, you should take it. It will teach you volumes about how your organization works.

Thank You Notes 2:49

A “thank you” is recognition of a job well done. Often the most important person to thank is not the “top” person but the people several levels down who helped you really get the job done.

The Calendar Never Lies 2:28

You ARE your calendar. Your biggest asset is your time. So if you think something is important, then your calendar better reflect that. The calendar never lies.

To Don’t List 2:24

Most of us have "to do" lists. But sometimes people can over commit or can generate so many ideas that it is overwhelming. You might want to think about creating a "to don't" list. A “to don’t” list can help you prioritize.

Writing Matters 2:57

Great writing makes a huge difference. It reflects well on you. The quality of written communication is incredibly important. The good news is that you can always improve your writing skills. Practice!

You Are The Company You Keep 1:55

The most important factor for innovativeness is this: We are the company we keep. Hang out with interesting, diverse and creative people and it will help you. Everybody with whom we interact is important to innovation. As Tom puts it, "Hang out with cool and you will become cool.”
The Little BIG Things Series which is available with discount pricing.
Running Time: 44 minutes
Copyright Date: 2009
Produced by Enterprise Media


  • Motivation and Meetings
  • Communication
  • Dealing With Difficult or Angry Customers
  • Empowerment
  • Improving Sales, Attitude, and Service
  • Innovation
  • Management Skills
  • The Little BIG Things with Tom Peters

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