Working Without A Script

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Working Without A Script training program on using positive communication and listening skills features the Second City Communications improv group. 

Break the pattern of “No, but...”  and commit to the “Yes, and...” philosophy, the same philosophy that allows improvisers to create effectively on stage. “Yes, and...” creates a positive environment for communication and active listening. It encourages change and innovation. “Yes, and...” also fosters open mindedness and generates trust.

Working Without a Script helps with positive communication, support for ideas, team-building and trust. Bonus video demonstration of group interactive practice for building focused listening skills

Making It Happen:

Actively Listen—Listen to understand, not just to respond. Part of the “Yes, and...” mentality is listening in order to understand, instead of listening simply to respond.

Affirm Each Other’s Ideas—Validate ideas, even if you disagree. Show others that you understand them – the yes part of the “Yes, and...”

Build on the Idea—Make a contribution that helps it grow. Offer to expand upon an idea—the “and” part of “Yes, and...” Help the idea and your organization grow into the future.

Training Package includes: DVD (14 minutes) plus  Leader's Guide, Workbook, 25 pocket cards and CD-Rom Power Point Presentation. Running time is 14 minutes.


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