What's In It For Me?

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What's In It For Me? training workshop with DVD  looks at customer service from a viewpoint that will truly motivate employees - their own perspective. Simply put, every time a method or tactic is introduced, participants learn how they will personally and professionally benefit by using it.

What's In It For Me? teaches three powerful techniques for handling customers: The Best Face of the Stone, The Lightning Rod, and Participant Observer. These techniques not only make for satisfied customers, they enhance your employee's job satisfaction and teach them the skills that they need to advance professionally at your company.

So what's in it for you? A thought-provoking workshop that inspires participants. A workshop that empowers your team to deliver unparalleled customer service. A workshop that helps your company to stay ahead of its competition.

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1. The Best Face of the Stone
- Choose to show your best face
- Acknowledge the customer
- Apologize for the problem and take responsibility for solving it
- Stay focused
- Meet their need - or call your manager if you can't
2. The Lightning Rod
- Let yourself feel the shock of the problem
- Ground yourself - take a couple of deep breaths
- Put the problem aside
- Focus on the customer - not your problem
3. Participant Observer
- Show empathy for the customer's problem
- Let the customer's emotion go past you
- Remain a participant in the conversation
- Stay focused on the solution - not the conflict
Training Package includes DVD, Facilitator's Guide, 10 Participant Guides and 10 polished stones.
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