We're In The Band!:Teamwork and Customer Service:

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We're In The Band training program with DVD focuses on the importance of teamwork and customer service in every organization, every industry by all employees.  Using the popular folk band, The Paperboys we see how they credit their success on their commitment to each other as a team, preparation and connecting with their audience.  
During the film we visit  many workplaces and hear from employees at all levels in different industries.   We're In The Band will provide an energetic boost and fun into your customer service/teamwork training. Brought to you by the award Producers of  Give 'em The Pickle, The Guest, and  The Difficult Guest.
Training Package includes:  DVD (20 minutes) plus Facilitator's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, pocket cards and a backstage pass- bonus music videos from " The Paperboys" are also incuded to help set the tone of the meeting or during breaks.
We're in the Band: Customer Service & Teamwork may also be digitally streamed.  Call us to discuss this license option.

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