Walk Awhile In My Shoes

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Walk Awhile In My Shoes training workshop with DVD  provides the ground work for all employees from top management to shop floors to become more aware that all people share the same basic need to be heard, understood and appreciated.  The destructive polarization of the hidden emotion of "us" vs "them" all too frequently results from the failure to realize our human interdependence and ability to find the common ground. 

Walk Awhile in My Shoes is a two part program:
Part One: 20 minute DVD  addresses the topics  of Change, Recognition and How You Perceive Me, Performance Problems, No Win Situations, Joys of The Job, The Future and What I Ask of You.
Part Two: is a workshop experience which is structured using the activity based Leader's Guide introducing the Seven Keys to Meeting in the Middle. 
Key Training Points:
  • Develop awareness and appreciation of differing perspectives on divisive and often emotionally charged issues at work and in life
  • Break down "us" vs "them" barriers that commonly exist in organizations
  • Identify the common ground between managers and employees at all levels using Seven Keys to "Meeting In The Middle"
  • Learn key skills and behaviors for building relationship and environments based on empathy and understanding.
Training Package includes: DVD (20) minutes plus CD-ROM containing Facilitator's Guide with reproducible worksheets for participants and one copy of the handbook Walk Awile In My Shoes.  Additional handbooks available for purchase
Named by HRD Executive Magazine as an award winning video!

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