Truly FURRific Customer Service- Barkles Meeting video

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Truly FURRific Customer Service a Barkles Meeting video that can be used as a meeting opener, break short film or meeting closer. The Barkles are canine companions that will get your team howling with laughter.  They will love the fun and humor as they motivate your team to higher levels of success.

Motivational Part

Meeting Break Part

As we all know, some customers are difficult to please...but in this funny meeting opener, Ollie will show how to deal with a difficult customer and deliver truly terrific customer service.

Key Training Points:
  • always greet the customer
  • offer your assistance
  • ask engaging questions
  • find out what they are looking for
  • thank them and ask them back

Training Package:  The Barkles Truly Furrific Meeting film has different conclusions-depending on your meeting needs.  One ending is upbeat and motivational (3:02 minutes)and the other is perfest for announcing a break(3:00 minutes).  Both are on the DVD.

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