First Among Equals: Leading A Team

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First Among Equals training program with DVD  tells the story of George a manager who is given the role of leading a team.  With the help of his friend and fellow Manager ( Harry), George learns that being in charge doesn't mean having all the answers.  It means involving the team and using their skills, experience and initiative.Features Martin Ball and Gary Webster.

Key Training Skills demonstrated for Managers:

  • give them confidence in the value of their specific role in the team
  • give then confidence in their value as individuals
  • give them confidence in their value as part of a team
Training Options:
  • DVD Package Includes: DVD (25 minutes) plus Facilitator's Guide, Group Training Workbook, Self Study Workbook, PowerPoint Presentation, Course Certificate on CD. All of the support materials are completely customizable. 
  • digital streaming.  Call us for this option

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