Taking Flight: Mastering Four Behavioral Styles of DiSC

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Taking Flight! Master The Four Behavioral Styles and Transform Your Career, Your Relationships..Your Life by Merrick Rosenberg and Daniel Silvert.
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Sometimes we discover a pattern so obvious and predictable that we can't believe we hadn't noticed it before.  Such a framework exists through a simple four style model of behavior known as DISC.  It's hidden in everything we do and it may be just the most powerful tool you ever learn to maximize your potential and influence others.
What are readers saying? 
Taking Flight! is an instant classic that will forever change how you see yourself and interact with others. The engaging fable that opens the book- and the enlightening discussion that follows-should be read by anyone seeking growth and success.  Ken Blanchard coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Lead with LUV
This cleverly crafted fable demonstrates how the DISC system can break down the walls that too often separate coworkers.  Taking Flight! is all you need to kick-start collaboration.  Frank Wander, Chief Informtion Officer, Guardian Life Insurance Company
Taking Flight! is packed with life changing insights about you and everyone you know.  You'll never look at people quite the same way again.  Marshall Goldsmith author of MOJO and What Got You Hee Won't Get You There.

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