Social Media Ethics E Learning Course

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Social Media Ethics  e-learning course provides an overview of  social media ethics in the workplace.

This course is divided into 3 sections and covers the following: 

Section 1: Social Media Overview
Provides an overview of social media as a communication tool. 

Section 2: Misuse of Time, Resources, and Information
Outlines social media risks related to use of time, resources, and information.

Section 3: Conflicts of Interest and Offensive Posts
Outlines how social media use can lead to conflicts of interest and accusations of harassment, bullying, or disparagement.

Duration: 25 minutes
All employees

Course Features:

BRANDING: Add your organization's logo to the course and match the LMS platform to your own branding.

EXECUTIVE INTRODUCTION: Begin the course with a personalized message to your employees.

CONTENT: Integrate your internal standards and policies into the training.

MOBILE-COMPATIBLE LMS: Your employees can begin watching a course on their desktop and finish on their tablet.

AFFORDABLE: Watch online training for as low as $5 to $30 per user.

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE COURSEWARE: Our best practices have resulted in completion rates of 95% or higher, accompanied by 97% learner satisfaction rates.

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