So Help Me Supervisor Edition

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So Help Me  Supervisor Edition training program with DVD on front line customer service management Great customer service thrives in an environment where employees are encouraged and supported".  How do supervisors affect customer service?  We all know that frontline service people directly impact customer satisfaction.  But we don't often look at how much a supervisor's behavior influences the service a customer ultimately receives."
So Help Me (Supervisor Edition) takes a fresh look at customer service by showing the direct connection between a supervisor's behavior and the way employees treat customers.  When employees are listened to, respected and encouraged, they will do the same for their customers.  Supervisory behaviors that promote excellent service include:  telling people what they are doing right, helping employees find solutions, focusing on people rather than numbers, empowering people to do their jobs and turning mistakes into opportunities for growth.
So Help Me-Employee Version and So Help Me Supervisor available as a Two part Set.

Training Kit Includes: DVD (18 minutes)  Available in English or Spanish with a facilitator's guide with reproducible worksheets.  DVD contains PDF version of facilitator's guide and supporting PowerPoint graphics.  DVD also contains scene selection and optional subtitles

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