Sid Story: Supervisor Skills with Dennis Franz

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Sid Story starring award winning actor Dennis Franz as Sid is a classic for managers, supervisors and team leaders at all levels on the value of  positive feedback and recognition as a motivating factor in team success.
This dramatization of positive reinforcement will help managers encourage even the most difficult employees to do their best.  You won't be disappointed with your group response to this program!  Dennis Franz at his best in his role as Sid the Supervisor with lots to learn on how to motivate his team.

Key Training Points:
  • How to establish a positive predictable working environment
  • How to measure performance and give encouraging feedback
  • How to plan for spontaneous recognition
  • Hot to increase positive observations
  • How to give employees opportunities to be winners

Training Options:

  • DVD(22 minutes) with  Discussion Guide Also available in Spanish
  • digital streaming or Interactive E- Learning- call us for these options

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