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The Little BIG Things: Service DVD in the new Tom Peters training program will help you and your teams organizationally attack, dismantle, and rebuild how you view the service you provide to your customers. How? Through Tom’s decades of experience with companies in all industries!

Do you know that even your landscape company thinks about how quickly the debris is picked up as part of their “brand”? Do you think it’s a great idea to trash your competitors? Do your employees think that they are a representative of your company with each and every interaction? The topics covered in these twelve clips are essential to your business and should be viewed by every employee – from the CEO to the front-line cashier.

This is how you succeed in business – your business – any business and this is how you survive when your competitors fall.
Clean up Your Brand 2:23

Everything you do is your brand. It is your signature. In some ways, this is an extension of the idea that you “dress for success.” Think of everything you do in this context and ensure that you are making a great impression all the time

Customer Loyalty 2:17

Customer loyalty used to be a novel idea. Rather than thinking about your customer today, think about what that customer could mean to your business over the long term. Tom uses the story of Sewell Cadillac to make his point about why it’s important to think in terms of Customer Loyalty.

Granite Rock 1:42

Tom tells the story of The Granite Rock Co in Watsonville, California who has a slogan, "Don’t like it? Don’t pay." If you are not happy with the service or quality, then you don’t have to pay. How confident would YOU be notifying your customers that they were only to pay their bill if they were 100% satisfied with the service that they received?

Internal Customers Matter - A Lot! 2:25

Tom thinks that internal customers matter - maybe even more than external customers. You need to have everyone in your organization supporting you if you want to succeed and how do you do that? The answer is simple: Pay attention to internal customers.

Invest in Your People 2:44

Tom speaks about a store near his home where the company had spent a lot of money improving the store – but failed to invest in training its sales associates in service. The experience was worse than disappointing. Now there is a beautiful store with the same lousy service. So how can you avoid that same problem?

It All Starts (And Ends) Here 1:46

Psychology (and common sense) tells us that the beginning and the end of an experience overwhelm our impression of service. Tom talks about the “Disney Experience” and how you can implement that in your organization by managing down to the microsecond the beginning customer experience and the ending experience.

Never Trash Your Competitors 2:35

So many things that are important are simple truisms. One of them is this: never (EVER) trash your competitors. Sell yourself. Your competitors may be brutal. You may privately think they're worthless, but don't ever say that. If you do, it will only reflect poorly on YOU.

On Courtesy - Henry Clay 2:16

Henry Clay said, “Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.” Keep in mind; people remember the small stories and small things.

TGW and TGR 3:17

Many industries have long used a measure called TGW (Things Gone Wrong). There is the other side of the message, TGR…Things Gone Right. Find out what Tom has to say about TGW and TGR.

The Problem with Perfection 1:55

When things are perfect, it is not always memorable to the customer. The happiest customer will be a customer who had a problem and you made an awesome comeback. Think about the “problem with perfection.”

We are Thoughtful 2:49

Fundamental decency matters. Tom likes the word thoughtfulness much that he put together a list about why it is important and suggests some additions to your value statements with them.

You Are An Ambassador 2:19

Everyone who is in business is a salesperson all the time. And everybody is an ambassador for their organization. Tom expands on this simple concept by pointing out that whomever a person meets from your organization is an ambassador.

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Running Time: 28 minutes
Copyright Date: 2009

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  • Healthcare Customer Service
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  • The Little BIG Things with Tom Peters

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