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Art of Selling  training workshop with DVD is designed to equip your  sales staff with all the skills and techniques they need to approach sales opportunities with confidence.  To make this program as relevant as possible, it looks at many different scenes staff can relate to such as: department store,  a Do It Yourself store, Bank services e.g. mortgages, overdrafts, loans and insurance, a shoe shop and more.

Art of Selling is a blended learning resource pack containing both the DVD training film and a CD- Self Study option that provides accessibility to the training for those unable to attend a training course on site, or as a self study brush up of skills, allowing all learners to have the advantage of learning quickly.

The Art of Selling uses humorous right and wrong way scenarios to teach new skills in a memorable way.  It covers four key stages of selling in both retail and financial situations:

  1. Winning the Customer's Confidence: how your actions can affect customers
  2. Discovering Their Need- the importance of listening to your customers
  3. Importance of Product Knowledge-how knowing your products inside out will help you offer your customers what they want.
  4. Closing the Sale-why silence could be your best new friend!
Training Delivery Options:
  • DVD- (running time 28) plus extra scenarios (10 minutes)- for both retail and financial sales. These cover everything from handling complaints to dealing with obnoxious customers. Leader's Guide, Group training workbook, Self-Study workbook with CD-Rom , PowerPoint Presentation slides- provided on a CD
  • Digital Streaming License- call us for this option
  • E-learning Course call us for this option
This program is also available for digital streaming of video or as an interactive e-learning course.  Call us for these options.

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