Red Movie: Elements of Decision Making

Elements of decision making

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Red Movie: Elements of Decision Making  focuses on Mark Brown's "red thinking" phase. It will get an audience thinking about how they make decisions and how they go wrong.  It also provides a series of four fundamental tests to ensure future decisions are on track:

Key Training Points:
  • Fire test: guage whether you are spending the right amount of time on your decision
  • Water test: clarify your goal and criteria
  • Earth test: check the quality of your information
  • Air test: detect hidden agendas, negative emotions and things that influence the process.

Training Options:

  • DVD-16 minutes with Facilitator Guide.  Also available in the complete Ideas In Action Series: including: Ideas into Action, Blue Movie, Red Movie and Green Movie at special package pricing.
  • Streaming License available for this program.  Call us for this option

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