Preventing Unlawful Retaliation E Learning Course

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Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace, on line program discusses the protections afforded to employees under the anti-retaliation provisions of various employment laws. Using scenarios and case studies, the course discusses the types of work-related activities that are protected by law, the types of behavior that can lead to a charge of retaliation, and the risks of failing to take steps to prevent unlawful retaliation in the workplace.

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Course Details:

Audience: HR, Managers and Supervisors
Length: 45 minutes

Topics Covered:

  • What is unlawful retaliation
  • Elements of a successful retaliation claim
  • Risks of engaging in or failing to address retaliation in the workplace
  • Types of activity that are “protected” from retaliation by law
  • Adverse employment actions that may be considered unlawful retaliation
  • Factors that infer a causal connection between protected activities and adverse actions
  • Steps to reduce the risk of retaliation claims in the workplace
Course Features:

  • Rich with scenarios, case studies, and interactive exercises
  • Optional audio (narration)
  • Built-in delivery and tracking using Syntrio's learning management system (LMS), or launch our courses from any standards-conforming, third-party LMS
  • Mastery quiz with scoring options test learner understanding of the material discussed
  • Mentoring feature allows students to direct questions at any time via e-mail to a subject matter expert within the organization
  • Options to customize course content and design including logo, policies, procedures and executive introduction

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