Peer Today-Boss Tomorrow: Navigating Your Changing Role

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Peer Today- Boss Tomorrow- Navigating Your Changing Role training workshop helps newly promoted Managers successfully navigate and adjust to the changing expectations of your boss, peers and subordinates. New opportunities also mean new challenges and this training program will assist with learning about how to adjust and transition to your new role successfully.

Four Proven Strategies that will help new supervisors navigate changing relationships and prepare for the most difficult situations they are likely to encounter as they assume their new role:

  • what it means to accept the responsibilities of their new role
  • how to exercise their abilities to set clear boundaries
  • the value of strengthening their communication skills
  • the importance of taking thoughtful and strategic action

Training Options:

  • DVD plus facilitation materials for a one-four or eight hour workshop option
  • digital streaming license
  • interactive e-learning course
Call us to explore these additional options for your organization.

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