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Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts video training package is based on the book authored by Leslie C. Aguilar.  Respecting others in a diverse world requires that we communicate respectfully.  Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts video training package delivers a powerful message about diversity and inclusion, avoiding stereotypes and how to speak up if you are on the receiving end of offensive comments. 

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A recent study at the University of Cincinnati showed that 82% of Ouch! trainees had already used the Ouch! skills in their workplace interactions and personal lives within 3 months.  The study also documented that trainees had a statistically significant increase in awareness of bias and stereotypes and a lasting positive change in their comfort and confidence to speak up using the Ouch! skills

Stereotypes typically have three characteristics:

  1. They imply that all people in the group are the same.
  2. They contain a judgement. The judgement often reveals more about the stereotyper's beliefs or expectations than it does about the stereotyped individual.
  3. Stereotypes are fairly inflexible.
Training Options:

  •  DVD: The OUCH! training package includes: 

1 DVD with 3 chapters and extra features. 
1 CD with Reproducible Leader's Guide, Handouts and PowerPoint.
1 handbook book, Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts. (additional handbooks are available for purchase)
1 pack of OUCH Reminder Cards (10 cards)( additional reminder cards available for purchase)

This film is closed captioned. The DVD format includes English and Spanish subtitles.

  • Digital Streaming
  • E-Learning Course

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