Open Mind : Open World-Improving Intercultural Interactions

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Open Mind : Open World: Improving Intercultural Interactions training program built with options for one-four and eight hour workshops with DVD.  Open Mind: Open World provides a solid foundation for identifying and understanding basic cultural values and behaviors.  Employees and Managers gain insights, strategies and skills that help minimize cultural misunderstandings and strengthen interactions.

The OPEN Model involves four basic steps:
  • O-observe behavior
  • P-prepare a response
  • E-engage in communication
  • N-notice the results

Workshop & Self Study Objectives:

  • identify cultural tendencies that impact our interactions and effectiveness
  • identify and respond to situations involving intercultural dynamics
  • distinguish between effective and ineffective intercultural communication
  • use global awareness and the OPEN process to improve communications and productivity

Target Audience:  All employees

Training Package includes DVD (32 minutes) plus Print materials for Facilitation and Participation.  This program is also available for digital streaming license or as an interactive course.  Call us to explore these options for your organization

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