More Than A Gut Feeling IV E-Learning Course

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More Than A Gut Feeling IV Behavior Based Interviewing Skills E Learning Course with Paul C Green PhD. Dr. Green guides learners through the e-learning course as they build skills, providing feedback along the way.

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Course Features:

The course starts with a short assessment that measures what learners already know. All questions are multiple-choice with feedback that helps learners understand correct answers. Trainees then watch More Than A Gut Feeling IV. This high-quality video production features an engaging storyline that’s dramatically acted to model behavior. Throughout the video, learners check their knowledge by answering multiple-choice questions. The course finishes with a comprehensive post test in which trainees apply what they’ve learned!

Two Options:
Standard E Learning Course includes all listed or the Platinum with two additional modules: an Interactive Learning Experience through The Disastrous Interview on how interviewer errors can lead to unreliable measurement and Booster Shot where the key skills used by a behavior based interviewer are summarized.

  • 7 question assessment with instructional feedback
  • 28-minute highly engaging video
  • 10 in-video questions with instructional feedback
  • 13 question comprehensive post test; scored
Downloadable PDF resources include:
  • Illegal Interviewing Questions
  • Reference Guide of Key Points
  • Sample Structured Interview
  • Article: Understanding Behavior-Based Interviewing by Paul C. Green, PhD

How-To Training Points:

  • How to use a job description and other job research to begin building a structured interview
  • How to recognize a behavioral predictor that can be used to project an individual’s job performance
  • How to use questions to control the interview
  • How to make hiring decisions based on facts and information, rather than gut feelings
  • How to explain why the concept of using past actions to predict future performance is so important in selection today
  • How to use a job-related approach that will help you be legally defensible

Technical Specifications:

  • For use with or without a Learning Management System
  • Compliant with AICC, SCORM 1.2 or 2004, xAPI (TinCan)
  • Mobile/Tablet ready: iOS, Blackberry, Android, or Windows
  • 45-minute average seat time

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