Meetings, Bloody Meetings

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Meetings Bloody Meetings  new version of all time classic features the return of John Cleese, this time round  in the role of Judge in the remake of the classic training program on how to make meetings more productive.  Cleese demonstrates how the rules for running a meeting parallel those of a court.  
The story line features a cynical manager who is found guilty in court of failing to prepare himself and inform others of what a meeting was about (even omitting to invite all of the relevant people); failure to plan an agenda, failure to control the discussion and failure to record the decisions.  The judge demonstrates how the rules for running a meeting parallel those of a court and the chaos that would result if  he ran his court in the same manner.
Learning Chapters
  • Introduction by John Cleese
  • Night Before Work
  • The Dream:  Court Appearance
  • Chairing Without Thought and Preparation
  • Failing to Signal Your Intention to the Meeting
  • Neglecting the Agenda and Mis-allocating Time
  • Failing to Control The Discussion
  • Failing to Summarize and Record the Discussion
  • Summary
  • The Morning After

Training Options:

  • DVD (30 minutes) plus Course Leaders Guide and PowerPoint Slides
  • digital streaming license and interactive course- call for these options

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