Meetings, Bloody Meetings-Original Version

Defines the five disciplines that trasform a gathering into a professionally run meeting.

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Meetings, Bloody Meetings (Original Version) training program with DVD or Self Study CD-Rom is a Video Arts classic training program featuring John Cleese. In Meetings, Bloody Meetings  the five disciplines that transform a gathering into a professional run meeting are defined:
  1. chairing a meeting without thought and preparation
  2. failing to signal your intention in the meeting
  3. neglecting the agenda and mis-allocation of time
  4. failure to control the discussion
  5. failure to summarize and record the discussion

The story line features a cynical manager who is found guilty in court of failing to prepare himself and inform others of what a meeting was about (even omitting to invite all of the relevant people); failure to plan an agenda, failure to control the discussion and failure to record the decisions.  The judge demonstrates how the rules for running a meeting parallel those of a court and the chaos that would result if  he ran his court in the same manner.


Training Package Options:
  • DVD-30 minutes plus Facilitator Guide, Group Training Workbook, Self-study workbook, PowerPoint Presentation slides, certificate of completion.  All training materials are completely customizable and provided on CD
  • digital streaming license available- call us for this option


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