Matrix Manager Inventory Facilitation Set

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Matrix Manager Inventory Facilitation Set includes the Matrix Manager Inventory Facilitator Guide, sample online report, print self-assessment, and participant workbook, plus downloadable facilitator support materials.

Modern organizations are shaped more like complex spider webs than the triangular flowcharts we learned about in Management 101. And this new structure is stretching the competencies and capabilities of even the best managers.

To achieve success in today’s world, managers need a new skill set—one that enables them to shift their focus from a traditional “command and control” approach to a more fluid and flexible “influence and collaboration” strategy.

For Participants

Matrix Manager Inventory Self Assessment: order one per person

  • 40 item inventory
  • scoring the Matrix Manager Inventory
  • Interpretating Your Scor
  • Your overall scores
  • Your category specific scores
Matrix Manager Participant Workbook: order one per person
Table of Contents:

  • Benefits
  • Expectations
  • Are You a Matrix Manager
  • The Case for Change
  • Completing, Scoring and Charting the Matrix Manager Inventory
  • The Matrix Manager Model
  • From Competancy to Capabilities
  • From Matrix to Virtual to Virtual Matrix Team
  • From Hierarchy to Role Set
  • Heirarchy to Role Set Activity
  • The Transition to Matrix Manager

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