Managing Change and Living With Change: Jamie Schools Dinners Series

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Managing Change and Living With Change: Part of the Jamie School Dinners Series with Jamie Oliver takes us through a complete change process in this training workshop with DVD.  Jamie Oliver works tirelessly to transform school dinners from processed, ready  made junk food to more nutritious meals for school children.  With the ever growing problem of children becoming obese before the age of fourteen, a concern for the improved  health of this generation is an ongoing mission for Jamie Oliver.    This is an easy to deliver two part series that can be broken into segments for ease in training.
Part One:  Recipe for Managing Change:  Dealing with change can be difficult and create feelings of stress during the process.  Managing change can be even harder.  In this first part of the series, we cover four key learning points that will help you to manage and deliver a successful change process in your organization.
  1. Passion believing in what you are trying to achieve and believing that you can do it is vital to success.
  2. People everyone reacts to change differently but there are distinct types that can be easily identified: enthusiasts, gate keepers and resisters
  3. Planning when change is being implemented, careful planning is essential and proper planning can improve the outcome of change being accepted or not
  4. Perseverance with change you can expect that resistance will be encountered so perseverance and commitment to the process  is essential
Part Two: A Recipe For Living With Change- at some point, every member of your workforce will be confronted with change.  By taking your employees through the four different stages, they'll soon realize that it doesn't have to bring with it widespread fear and confusion. 
  1. Reject it- whether unexpected, unwelcome or simply unwanted, the initial reaction is usually to reject it
  2. Resist it  typical reaction to change is to initially resist it and feel right in that emotional response
  3. Reflect on it  at this stage previous judgement begins to be questioned.  The mind switches to the possibilities that change might bring
  4. Resolve it the challenge and excitement of new opportunities has triumphed over all the negative perceptions to change
Training Package includes DVD (2) Part One (26 minutes) Part Two (19 minutes) plus Facilitator's Guide, Self Study workbook and customizable worksheets.

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