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Management Coach: Just In Time Solution offers solutions to help managers and supervisors deal effectively with more than 85% of the most difficult challenges they face… in under 5 minutes! That’s true performance support!

Each challenge is addressed with a brief 1 minute introduction to identify key objectives, and then a 4 minute dramatic behavioral video solution to illustrate how to achieve the intended result. And it can be available on the devices you, or your employees, use and carry. That’s right! It’s available for mobile delivery on Droid, iPhone, tablets, and desktops.

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Module Samples:

Each of the strategies is dramatized in a short vignette that shows how to bring up a problem, get agreement that it exists, and put a solution into action. Our research showed that these strategies can be used with 85% of today’s management problems involving things like increasing productivity & motivation, improving communication, preserving respect, personal problems, effective leadership, and avoiding legal issues.


Personal Issues Module

  • Employee Who Makes or Takes Too Many Personal Calls
  • Employee with a Poor Attitude
  • Employee Suspected of Substance Abuse
  • Personal Problems Affecting Work Performance
  • Inappropriate Dress
  • Hygiene Problems
  • Employee Who Socializes Instead of Working


Discrimination & Legal Issues

  • Dealing with an Age Discrimination Complaint
  • Employee Won’t Follow Safety Rules
  • Dealing with a Disability Discrimination Complaint
  • Accusation of Sexual Harassment
  • Dealing with a Race Discrimination Complaint
  • Dealing with a Religion Discrimination Complaint
  • Termination for Poor Performance
  • Dealing with a Gender Discrimination Complaint
  • Termination Due to Downsizing

Conflict Management Module

  • Employee Who’s Too Aggressive
  • Employee Who Engages in Harmful Gossip
  • Employee Complains to Others, Not Manager
  • Dealing with Anger at Lower-Than-Expected Raise
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Employee Doesn’t Interact Well with Others



Performance Management Module

  • Employee Who’s Frequently Absent
  • Employee Who Lacks Necessary Job Skills
  • Employee Who’s Not Assertive Enough
  • Employee is Consistently Late for Work
  • Communicating Plans for Change
  • Employee Makes Repeated Mistakes
  • Employee Expected to Perform Beyond Skill Level
  • Employee Who Needs Motivation
  • Employee Who Resists Change
  • Employee Who Won't Work Extra Hours
  • Employee Who Doesn't Understand What's Expected

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