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In Search of Excellence training program with DVD hosted by Tom Peters.  Timely classic of case study of highly successful organizations and they motivate their employees to be more innovative, responsive and committed to quality and corporate excellence.

In the boardrooms, think tanks and training centers of a wide range of the world’s best-run companies, you’ll see how "Quality" and "Customer Service" have truly become a way of life. You’ll see leadership in action and learn from the best. The DVD provides insights into management excellence, customer service, leadership, and much more.
  • At Disney World, you’ll witness the hard work that goes into guiding and training a staff to understand that a commitment to quality and customer care is vital for success.
  • At Stew Leonard’s Dairy, you will see how a passion for customers is translated into huge business success.
  • On a visit to Apple Computers, you’ll witness the birth of the Macintosh and watch as Steve Jobs leads his development team.
  • You’ll see how 3M encourages new product development by treating every manager as an entrepreneur. You’ll also learn how 3M developed and marketed its legendary Post-It notes.
  • At Dana Corporation, you’ll see a factory manager meeting the challenge of increasing productivity through consultation and collaboration rather than confrontation.
  • At North American Tool & Die, you’ll watch Tom Melohn motivate his people to work for "no rejects."
  • Moving to McDonald’s you’ll watch staff being rewarded and encouraged to strive for perfection.
  • At IBM’s Golden Circle retreat, you’ll listen in as the legendary Buck Rogers talks corporate values to a spellbound sales force.

Key Learning Points

  • Show your team that Excellence is attainable
  • Discover how to increase productivity by removing fear of failure
  • Promote employee motivation
  • Communicate corporate values
  • Creatively link reward to performance for greater payoffs and profits

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