Harassment For Managers: A New Look

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Harassment:A New Look- Managers Version focuses on the recent forms of harassing behavior. It outlines, Managerial responsibilities to prevent harassment, conduct and document training and steps to create a respectful work environment.  Managers often do not know how to handle harassment complaints fairly and effectively. 
Harassment For Managers: A New Look  includes scenarios depicting harassing behavior as life like examples for discussion.  There is also a California AB1825 compliant version available.
Generic Manager Version
California AB1825 Compliant Version
Harassment for Managers: A New Look draws a attention to the legal and ethical obligations to prevent, identify and respond to harassment.  Through life like re-enactments, the program discusses:
  • Quid pro quo, tangible employment action and hostile environment
  • Using humor in appropriately, third party harassment and age discrimination
  • Digital harassment and all forms of bullying
  • Importance of training and communication of policies concerning harassment
  • impact that harassment has on the workplace and the warning signs that it is occurring
  • Managers' responsibilities and obligations to prevent harassment and protect employees from harassment
Harassment For Managers: A New Look also explains how to interview the offended, confront the accused, conducting the investigation, interviewing witnesses, following up and enforcing decisions.
Training Package includes:  DVD (22) minutes plus Facilitator Guide, Power Point Presentation
See also our Employee Version:  Harassment: A New Look 

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