Fearless Facilitation: How To Lead Effective Meetings

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Fearless Facilitation: How To Lead Effective Meetings training program available as a DVD based workshop or interactive e-learning program.  A must have tool, this program builds the confidence, poise, knowledge and skills demonstrated by facilitators who are exceptionally competent. Participants will learn how to generate quality discussions, make smooth transitions between activities and manage disruptive behaviors. Organizations will benefit by having facilitators who increase the value of their training sessions, thus building the skills of associates.

Designed to build confidence and competence in leading effective meetings, How to Lead Effective Meetings will teach meeting leaders how to achieve desired results and manage relationships and process at the same time. By focusing on the roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills of a fearless facilitator, participants will learn how to increase the value and outcomes of their meetings, yielding wise decisions and actions.

Key Training Points

  • lead effective training sessions
  • lead effective meetings
  • explain adult learning principles and application
  • demonstrate fundamental facilitation skills

Delivery Options:
  • DVD based (24 minutes) training package with Faciliation materials
  • interactive e-learning course- Fearless Meetings-  Demonstration Link

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