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IAML Employment Law Training DVD programs are current, practically oriented, and the presenters demistify the law and make the subject matter clear and understandable.  There are 33 separate titles, with average length of under 20 minutes, on critical subjects every employer needs to know. The DVD's are geared towards preventing the most common and expensive employment related problems.   The programs are close-captioned
  1. Lawful and Effective Discipline and Termination: Avoiding Wrongful Terminations (20 minutes)
    Covers essential guidelines for proper discipline and discharge procedures, critical to reducing the risk of being sued.

  2. Discrimination Laws: What Supervisors and Managers Need to Know (19 minutes)
    Provides an overview of the federal discrimination laws that must be understood and implemented in day-to-day employee relations.

  3. Avoiding Sexual Harassment Problems in the Workplace (36 minutes)
    Defines sexual harassment, describes the various types of harassment, reviews the applicable laws and remedies available and discusses potential liability. Includes recent Supreme Court decisions.

  4. Substance Abuse in the Workplace: Guidelines for Supervisors and Managers (20 minutes)
    Identifies the legal perspectives on drug testing, with special emphasis on why such testing is legal. It discusses the potential "causes of action" that arise and summarizes the workplace implications.

  5. The ADA: Guidelines for Supervisors and Managers
    Included is an explanation of the purpose of the law, a review of the definition of disability and the specific requirements that are placed on the employer.

  6. Understanding the Family and Medical Leave Act
    Provides employers with the answers to many of the questions that the FMLA creates; includes a definition of what is a "serious health condition".

  7. Avoiding Violence in the Workplace (20 minutes)
    Provides an understanding of the employer's liability when a dangerous employee or prospective employee is identified, but employer fails to control the situation.

  8. Effective Interviewing and Screening (15 minutes)
    Addresses the keys to good, lawful and effective screening skills.

  9. Evaluating Employees: Doing it Right! (18 minutes)
    Practical guidelines for proper and lawful employee evaluations that will reduce the employer's exposure in lawsuits and produce a more objective process.

  10. Alternative Approaches to Costly Litigation (18 minutes)
    Thorough overview of alternative dispute resolution and the practical guidelines employers need to consider when implementing such a policy.

  11. How to Investigate and Respond to Sex and Other Harassment Charges (27 minutes)
    Practical information needed to investigate and respond to these claims correctly, effectively and legally.

  12. How to Respond to EEOC Charges (27 minutes)
    Provides HR professionals and others with the information they need to properly handle EEOC matters, with a focus on limiting exposure of the employer.

  13. Contract Employees: The Co-Employment Dilemma (23 minutes)
    Addresses this issue by exploring the reasons for those arrangements, identifying how and when an employer can be legally answerable and provides an extensive set of recommendations.

  14. Handling the Problem Employee (26 minutes)
    Identifies the problem employee, describes the risks these employees pose, provides recommendations and specific action which should be taken by the employer.

  15. How and When to Settle Complaints and Other Employment Lawsuits (37 minutes)
    Provides insights on circumstances under which it may be advantageous to settle a lawsuit, factors which should be considered, the elements to a settlement, techniques to encourage settlement and the attorney's role.

  16. Positive Employee Relations (20 minutes)
    Addresses why positive employee relations should be an integral component of all employer's policies and gives recommendations on how managers and supervisors can achieve an effective communication system with their employees.

  17. Supervisors/Managers Role in a Union Campaign (23 minutes)
    Gives supervisors an understanding of how important they really are in preventing unionized activity. Specific information is given on what a supervisor can and can't say or do during a union campaign.

  18. Auditing Your Employment Practices (25 minutes)
    Provides an essential tool for you to monitor your employment policies and practices. Each step of the employment cycle is covered.

  19. Employee Relations Primer (10 minutes)(Also available in Spanish!)
    Provides a clear understanding for employees, new hires and existing personnel of what is expected of them in the workplace.

  20. Employment Laws That Every Employer and Manager Needs to Know (26 minutes)
    Critical information on the most important employment laws and an explanation of what each law requires.

  21. Avoiding Age Discrimination Problems in the Workplace (28 minutes)
    Covers the Age Discrimination in Employment Act in detail, discusses employer concerns and defenses, reviews settlement and release options and identifies employer vulnerabilities.

  22. Privacy Issues in the Workplace (20 minutes)
    Discusses employee privacy interests vs. the employer's property interests. Also addresses the issue of electronic monitoring, protection of proprietary information and trade secrets.

  23. How to Avoid Legal Problems Arising from Downsizing and Restructuring (31 minutes)
    Provides important information and recommendations that all employers should consider when dealing with the two types of downsizing - voluntary and involuntary.

  24. Managing Internal Investigations (28 minutes)
    Gives suggestions on how to conduct an internal investigation and what to do and what to watch out for in an investigation.

  25. The "Bermuda Triangle": ADA, FMLA, and Workers' Compensation Laws (23 minutes)
    Provides an understanding of what these laws require, how they interrelate and how to reduce, if not eliminate, the legal risk these laws present.

  26. Employment Law Issues in the Digital Age (23 minutes)
    Addresses many important issues, such as: E-mail and other electronic communications legal risks, developing an e-mail policy, elements of an email policy, email etiquette, myths about electronic communications, and the supervisor's role in electronic communications.

  27. Avoiding Employment Law Landmines: Tips from Deeny and Wymer (30 minutes)
    Ray Deeny and John Wymer provide 23 practical tips for all executives, human resource professionals, managers and supervisors. This invaluable guidance will help every organization.

  28. Employment Law for Marketing and Sales Professionals (27 minutes)
    Provides a primer for all sale and marketing professionals on employment law issues that they need to know.

  29. How to Reduce the Risks of Class Action Lawsuits (24 minutes)
    Discusses what a class action is, what the risks are, what circumstances lead to class action litigation and most importantly what steps the employer should take now to insulate itself against class action litigation.

  30. Current Issues in Harassment: What Managers and Supervisors Need to Know (22 minutes)
    Among the many issues covered are: What is the definition of illegal harassment? What are the types of harassment? What are the preventative measures that need to be implemented to eliminate harassment? Includes recent Supreme Court decisions.

  31. How to Give Your Best Deposition or Testimony: Practical Do's and Don'ts (30 minutes)
    Many factors can affect the outcome of lawsuits, but often the most important factor is the testimony of key witnesses in the case. Whether it occurs in a deposition, interviews, discovery, a hearing or a trial, good accurate testimony can result in a favorable outcome; confused, inaccurate, disorganized or a sloppy testimony can be disastrous. This unique program helps every person called on to testify-it teaches the do's and don'ts of testifying in simple terms, with illustrative vignettes. Everyone in your organization will want to view the program prior to being called to testify. This program will not only result in better prepared witnesses and more effective testimony, it will help reduce the anxiety and stress of those called on to testify.

  32. Workplace Retaliation (13 minutes)
    The number of retaliation charges and lawsuits increases every year. Juries who decide these cases are twice as likely to find the employer guilty in a retaliation case than in other kinds of cases, with large damage verdicts against employers often the result. This brand new program explains what retaliation is, and what you can do to reduce the risks created by retaliation claims.

  33. How to Handle Electronically Stored Information (ESI): Guidelines for Supervisors and Managers (11 minutes)
    E-mail, voicemail, instant messaging and PDA's are just some of the ways information, documents and data are stored. The effect that this technology has on businesses and their managers, especially when litigation arises, is dramatic. Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as under the laws in many states, parties to a lawsuit are now required to search for and produce Electronically Stored Information or ESI. ESI can be evidence, sometimes crucial evidence, in a case. Under certain circumstances, the failure to locate and provide electronically stored information, or the destruction of such information, can result in millions, or even billions of dollars of financial exposure to the business. This timely program provides simple, basic guidelines so every manager can reduce the legal risks they face, and their employer faces, with respect to Electronically Stored Information.

Each title is available separately or discounts for purchase of quantity.  The Complete Library of 33 titles or we have a "Baker's Dozen" 13 of the most popular and important programs: Includes: #1,3,5,6,8,9,14,16,20,27,31,32 and 33.  See  Program Options Menu for package discount opportunities. 

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