E.asywriter- Using Email Successfully

Composing emails IS diferent then text messaging.  Give your new employees a quick lesson on proper etiquette and content.

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E.asywriter -using email effectively  training workshop with DVD is a perfect course for new hires and a much needed refresher for all employees.  Video drama that brings to our attention the  our electronic communications be delivered effectively and with just as much impact as a business letter or phone call that we make. 

Are we observing  corporate security and good legal practices in our email communication?  The amount of email that we receive can be difficult to manage at times thus causing stress.  E.asywriter also offers guidance in how to manage this overflow and reduce stress. 
Training Delivery Options:
  • DVD- 17 minutes plus CD-Rom with additional video and practical tips, training guide wth course notes and quick guide and summary cards
  • Streaming License: Call us for this option

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