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Drop By Drop training workshop with DVD focuses on being aware of the way  we communicate  at work by eliminating the micro-inequities that slowly but surely tears down the morale and productivity of our organization.  Drop by Drop, demonstrates how the small slights, subtle discriminations and tiny injustices can add up to big problems in your workplace! 
These little negative gestures are called “micro-inequities” and they occur in organizations every day.  These small communications of disrespect, prejudice and inequality  usually are not  overt, but they can be incredibly destructive.  A poison in the workplace that doesn't come in a bucket, but takes its toll drop by drop. 


Drop by Drop shows how the most innocent of gestures, words, body language, and even the tone of a voice can be tarnished with malice and discrimination. By shedding light on the subtlety of micro-inequities and their impact, the program raises employees' awareness of and sensitivity to their biases. It challenges a laid-back approach to diversity and provides three basic principles to cultivate a more respectful, inclusive and harmonious workplace.


Video  Component Synopsis:  The program opens with an unhappy ending - the resignation of a frustrated employee.  We then explore the workplace responsible for creating this situation.  The program's host engages and challenges the viewer with his strange perspective on our insensitive behaviors.  He walks us through several examples of micro-inequities that could easily be avoided and then shares the key concepts for creating an inclusive and productive work environment: 


Training Kit Contents: includes DVD (19 minutes)plus a comprehensive leader's guide, PowerPoint presentation on CD and a Drop By Drop handbook Additional participant handbooks are available for purchase in packs of (10) ten

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