Driven to Distraction

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Driven to Distraction is a program about the everyday distractions we allow to enter our vehicles. We  follow the main character, IM, as he walks us through all of the distractions that increase the odds of having an "accident". We also see two lives snuffed out because of the distractions they allowed to control them. The program will show how making the right choices behind the wheel may save a life. Maybe even your own.

Key Training Points:

  1. Understand how distractions affect our driving

  2. Know what the common distractions are e.g : cell phone use, talking to passengers...

  3. Realize the importance of eliminating distractions

  4. Understand that when we have an accident we are not always the only ones affected

  5. Accept responsibility for driving safely

Training Package includes DVD (16 minutes) plus handbook. Additional employee handbooks available in packs of ten.



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