The Difficult Guest

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The Difficult Guest training video program for customer service improvement focuses on how  Guests don't start out wanting to be difficult but due to poor customer care they just can't help being annoyed.   As we see in the award winning video "Difficult Guest", if problems are identified early on and properly handled from the beginning, chances are you can turn things around. Good customer Service is essential even when your customers are difficult.


Guests/ Customers can be difficult in three ways:

  • The Distracted Guest..brings all their problems with them  They simply haven't been properly welcomed to your world yet.
  • The Disappointed Guest..arives with certain expectation. For one reason or another they end up feeling let down
  • The Disruptive Guest...calls for emergency action.  They feel ignored, embarassed, insulted or unfairly treated.

The goal with any difficult guest is to make the relationship L.A.S.T.

  • your customer
  • Apologize..personally
  • Solve..the problem
  • Thank..your guest for their business

Training Package includes: DVD (containing the training film (23 minutes) and separate training role plays) an extensive workbook and a comprehensive facilitator's guide are also included.  The training film has option for subtitles on the DVD.  Digital Streaming License also available.  Call us to explore this option for your organization.

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