Developing and Measuring Training the Six Sigma Way

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Developing and Measuring Training The Six Sigma Way translates the popular Six Sigma methodologies, tools and techniques in a way that is customized specfically for the design, implementation and measurement of employee development programs.  A proven alternative to the Kirkpatrick Model, this new model offers a more effective method for designing aned testing the effectiveness of training.  Throughout the book, the author, Kaliym A. Islam presents tools in a user friendly and understandable format that is tailored for implementation in the development and measurement of employee learning programs.  The reader is walked step-by-step through the highly effective and proven DMADDITM process.

  • Define-what are the business opportunities
  • Measure-what business targets do we need to meet
  • Analyze-what needs to be learned
  • Design-how should we teach it
  • Develop-does our prototype match our design
  • Implemen6t-did implementation meet both business and instructional requirements


Published September 2006, paperback-256 pages.

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