Customer Service Counts

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Customer Service Counts training program is great for new hires or energizing your current team.  It uses humor to show employees that being good at customer service and taking pride in your work is not only a job requirement but can be personally satisfying as well.



The “customer” part of customer service
  • Greet the customer
  • Connect with the customer
  • Respect the customer’s priorities and time
The “service” part of customer service
  • Listen and evaluate
  • Meet the customer’s needs
  • Know your business
Viewers will enjoy the amusing story of two coworkers who start their day experiencing bad customer service as customers themselves. Comparing notes, they enter a friendly competition to see who can offer the best customer service that day on the job. As they demonstrate sales skills and handle rushed (even unhappy) customers, their fun rivalry reminds employees that customers are people too. And it makes the point to employees that their peers are counting on them as well.

In fact, coworkers are also customers. Everyone has “internal customers” when helping other employees meet common goals. And every employee represents the organization when encountering outsiders, whether or not customer service is a major part of their job description.

This brand new 2013 release is just the ticket for a lively training session—and lasting lessons learned about providing the best customer service ever!

DVD Running Time 18 minutes.  Also available for digital streaming license.

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