A.C.T. With Integrity

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A.C.T. with Integrity training program with DVD provides business ethics training that can serve as a vital component to any business practices and legal compliance program.  This video based program has been designed in a modular format that consists of twelve "discussion-trigger" case studies.  After each scenario, there is an opportunity for the facilitator to guide employees through an analysis of the issues involved and a discussion of the action or actions that should be taken to resolve each concern and maintain your organizations integrity.
Analyze the situation
Consider the consequences
Take appropriate action
The program covers these in the vignettes
  • document retention and destruction
  • use of intellectual property
  • confidential information
  • use of electronic/computer technology
  • conflict of interest
  • accepting and giving gifts
  • maintaining quality of products and services
  • providing accurate information
  • dealing with diversity and discrimination
  • handling violations
  • and more
 Delivery Options:
  • DVD (18) minutes plus Leader's Guide and Reproducible Participant Materials
  • digital streaming
  • interactive e-learning course.  Demonstration Link

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