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Harassment Education and Retaliation Overview (H.E.R.O.) interactive e-learning course with versions for Managers/Supervisors and All Employees dramatizes how employees go from normal everyday talk to behavior that may cross the line. This mystery-based harassment and retaliation prevention course invites participants to interact in a 3D virtual environment to figure out who was suspended and why. H.E.R.O. includes over 40 video scenarios that challenge participants’ understanding of their employer’s anti-harassment and retaliation policies, while also teaching them when and where they apply. The course follows employees through their workplace over a few months to witness how their behavior negatively impacts and the harm that bullying, disrespectful behavior, retaliation and harassment can have on coworkers. This course is compliant with AB2053 (Abusive Conduct)

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​Course Includes:
  • Identifying types of harassing behavior
  • Post-course assessment
  • Certificate of completion
  • mystery based e-learning course
  • engages all demographics in field and office work environments
  • particpants collect clues to solve the mystery instead of simply determing if a situation is harassment
  • optional content and quick course personalization available

Supervisor Version also available that includes:
  • effective Supervisory Methods: The Interview
  • Effective Supervisory Methods: The Intervention
  • Post Assessment-Supervisor Course

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Drawing the Line: Preventing Harassment in the Workplace E Learning Course
Detailed interactive e-learning course on harassment prevention meets California AB1825 and AB2053 training requirements for Managers and Supervisors
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